“Thanks, Robert, it has been an amazing journey of intuition and awareness.” ~ Reggie Dillingham July 26, 2011

“My wife and I have lost so much money gambling since we retired. Robert was the first guy who had walked in our shoes and thank God, we have ended that addictive behavior. Perhaps I am “old school” but Robert’s approach was much more pragmatic than the therapists we had contacted and EFT is a great home tool that we are now able to use. Lee has now quit smoking due to our confidence in Robert so our retirement is healthy and stress-free.” ~Lee and Cindy, 2011

“Robert is a professional hypnotherapist who I can highly recommend. Best ~Joel Vorensky

“I have smoked almost 21 years and quit a time or a thousand times but never quit the nasty habit for a year. I’m glad I met Galen [Robert] at Scripps. The therapy worked despite my intent to stay in control. What a blessing!” ~Jerry, 2010

“An amazing listener. That is why Galen [Robert] is so effective. The homework also worked. ~Cindy, 2010

“I was embarrassed and humiliated. Robert pushed me to take a real stand for integrity, and for the first time in my adult life to ‘Do the Right Thing’. There was a call to action as I examined and antagonized over my own authenticity and the chaos…”  ~Reggie Dillingham

“New Year’s is a time to start anew. I am 53 pounds lighter and understanding why I was over-eating. Fitness and healthy living are now part of my life and Galen made that change. He did the same battle and he was ready for each and every objections along the path.” ~Cicero, 2011